Friday, May 30, 2008

Why I love doing what I do

  1. The challenge: Every project comes with its share of challenge. The biggest challenge is identifying the most effective strategy for the course with respective to its audience. The necessity to ensure that motivation is maintained through out the course keeps us busy questioning every design decision we make.
  2. The research: The research that goes into a course to ensure that we know our learners well makes me believe that we are doing it right. We consciously ensure that our design is learner-centered and not a based on our whims and fancies.
  3. The innovation: We try and think different for every project we work on. Ensure that we don't fall into the trap of selecting a strategy that we are comfortable with and one that has worked for us in the past. This gives us an opportunity to push ourselves and think bigger each time.
  4. The brainstorming: The team effort to understand, research and come up with design solutions sure increases the motivation to perform. The freedom to share any thought or idea minus restrictions and political games seldom played by colleagues enriches the experience. Every one is a true professional here.
  5. The team: Knowing that you are part of a dream team sure gives a head rush! The pleasure of working with the best in the field and the intelligent, self-motivated freshers makes you want to give your best always. A team that genuinely cares. People are always there for each. It has never been about pushing work to another, but always sharing it together.
  6. The environment: A work environment that encourages learning and ensures pure fun widens your mind. It gives you the space to think and grow. It helps retain your individuality in the crowd. A work space that allows you to pursue your passions. An environment where you know you belong.
  7. The results: Finally, knowing that we are generating quality courses that are making a difference in the training world makes you proud to be associated with such as organization. We know that quality is sacrosanct and can never be compromised.

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