Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Evaluating a Course

What factors must you check while evaluating a course?

  • Are the learning objectives obvious?
  • Are the learning tasks clearly defined?
  • Visual:
    • Is the interface intuitive? Does it facilitate learning?
    • Is the visual layout and hierarchy neat and logical?
    • Are the icons and graphics used appropriate? Does it facilitate learning?
  • Audio
    • Is the audio sufficient, too much, or too little?
    • Is it appropriately paced, too fast, or too slow?
    • Does it have life or would it put the learner to sleep?
  • Text
    • Is the text on screen too much, too little or just right?
    • Is the instructional flow maintained?
    • Has the information been chunked and presented effectively?
    • Are the instructional strategies challenging for the learner? Does it help meet the learning outcome?
    • Does the strategy ensure high instructional interactivity?
    • Do the exercises reinforce leaning?
    • Are the exercises introduced at the right junctures?
    • Is there an exercise to check each learning objective?
    • Are the exercises forced or they motivating?
This is, however, only a surface level evaluation. A detailed evaluation will check the 'learnability of a course.' For detailed evaluation read article on Learability Testing.

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