Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Motivated or not?

What motivates me as an ID?
  1. Challenging projects - A project that is challenging and requires careful thought and a fresh outlook
  2. Application of knowledge and skills - A project that ensures that I apply my knowledge and use my ID skills.
  3. Freedom to be creative - A project that encourages creativity and is not bound in conditions and restrictions
  4. A bright team - A project that involves a bright, intelligent, enthu team
  5. Faith - The faith people have in me to execute the project well
  6. Doing things right - The spirit of doing things right and not doing it for the sake of it
What demotivates me as an ID?
  1. Poor clarity of thought - When the expectations from a project is not clearly defined
  2. Templates - When project requires filling in templates
  3. Mechanical work - When a project requires simple, mechanical work that requires no thought
  4. Revision of idea - When a project undergoes revision suddenly because of indecisiveness, inability to foresee and poor planning
  5. A team that is not united - When each team member is working on their own individualistic goal and not the united goal of generating good work
  6. Delays - When projects goes on a hang or extends over a lifetime due to delays