Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Micky Mouse Club House

When surfing through channels, I paused at Disney channel (mostly because my one year old son was fascinated by the colors). Micky Mouse Club House was playing. If you have seen this show, you'd realize that the main objective of this program is to teach the children. Micky and gang did several tasks. For example: One of the characters needed a bow to go to the circus. A device named toodle is summoned. This device visually shows several tools that can be selected to carry out a particular task. Micky encourages the children to identify which tool can be used to make a bow. Ribbon is one such option. They select this and demonstrate how a bow can be made from a ribbon. There are two more tasks similar to this.

The strategies used:
  • An interesting storyline with heroes and a villain
  • Three set of objectives
  • Visual multiple choice exercises (with distractors) directly linked to the objectives
  • Small fun demonstrations (dance steps, how to march and so on)
  • Visual recap toward the end of the program
I think it is a very effective way to teach and entertain. What I loved about it is that it is all very visual. Catch it sometime if you can.

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