Monday, October 5, 2009

Scenario Based Learning

Check out this SlideShare Presentation:


Joe Deegan said...

Some great best practices described in the slide show. It's a shame that more eLearning is not scenario based learning requiring the learner to actually think and absorb the information. As Jane Bozarth has pointed out, we need to stop spoon feeding the learner by just giving them the information in bullet points. Instead of just giving them the information present them with a scenario where it is safe to fail so that they can learn from their mistakes. Thank you for pointing out the benefits of scenario based learning especially when it comes to eLearning.

Ayesha said...

Enjoyed the presentation. We at CommLab India, a company that specializes in online custom courseware development uses Scenario based learning for HR courses - be it Code of Conduct, New Hire Experience or for product training - New product launch, after sales service etc. We found it be the most effective medium.

Archana Narayan said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts Joe and Ayesha.

Joe, you are absolutely right. Spoon feeding just does not work. Learners should be able to relate to what is being said. Also, misconceptions about scenario based learning are:
1. It can be used only for soft skills. This is not true.
2. It can be used only for application. Scenarios can be designed for identification and application.

Therefore, it is not necessary that the learner has to solve a problem all the time.

Nevin said...

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Archana Narayan said...

Glad you found it useful, Nevin. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Nevin said...

Hi Archana Narayan,

Your posts are always welcome,

With best Regards

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Keeley said...

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