Thursday, June 26, 2008

An Ideal Workspace

My ideal workspace should have the following qualities:

Light: By this I mean natural light. Have you noticed how some companies are very dull because of lack of natural light. Most software companies give the impression of night all day long. (But I guess that is because they don't want their employees to realize that it is really late and you are still at office.)

Bright: The walls should be pure white or a cream. This gives a feeling of space and gives you room to think. Depressing colors(dirty blue, grays), well, depress me. The walls should generate positive energy.

Spacious: Spaciousness or at least the feeling of it is important too. Tiny cubicles (you are literally elbowing off your neighbor) are extremely putting off.

Quiet: I need to be able to 'hear' myself think. When you are trying to think of an innovative idea or close to a breakthrough it terms of a strategy, the last you want is the jarring sound of traffic.
Comfortable furniture: Cosy, comfortable furniture will keep my mind on my work.

Privacy: It is important to have your privacy. My personal space should not be invaded. At the same time, I need to be accessible to my team and them to me in return.

A Fun Place: This could be the pantry, near a water cooler/coffee vending machine, and so on. A place where you can chill and chat with your colleagues.

As an ID, the work space is really important. A good work environment inspires you to work better and opens up your mind. For the kind of work that we do, it becomes absolutely essential to have a serene environment to think and visualize. The environment can either restrict or let loose your creativity.


Priya said...

Enjoyed that one. I would add "optimum temperature" to that. Most office spaces remind me of the Bluestar ad ;-)

Lee Evan said...

nice blog, A good work environment inspires you to work better and opens up your mind.

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